altago__map-white-croppedOver the last 20 years, Alta Planning + Design, Inc. has evolved into the premier consultancy in North America focused exclusively on addressing the issues of environmental sustainability, public health, and congestion through sustainable transport and recreation solutions.  We deliver the Alta mobility solutions to the international market through our wholly owned Luxembourg corporation operating as AltaGO. AltaGO brings together the best minds from around the world, delivering sustainable solutions that will result in healthier communities, economic development, and lives.

AltaGO’s experience leading pedestrian and bicycle studies and design projects worldwide puts us at the forefront of creating more walking and cycling-friendly neighborhoods. Our active transport planners, designers, and engineers offer assistance on bicycle and pedestrian master plans, safety studies, multi-modal corridors, tourism and travel plans, bike share, transit station access, and cycle parking assessments. We have planned and designed thousands of kilometers of pathways and cycleways providing safe and efficient transport, scenic recreation and leisure. We create attractive public spaces, improve mobility for people of all ages, that results in communities that are connected, sustainable, and give residents the highest quality of life. AltaGO’s bike share site planning, permitting, and station site design services help bike share operators as existing systems expand and new systems come on board.

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