Chris Danley

I work in this profession because I want to help solve our nation's health issues. Our nation faces a health epidemic related to a number of factors, including socioeconomic status and the lack of fundamental active transportation infrastructure. I'm passionate about working with cities and people to normalize walking and bicycling in order to address health issues and promote freedom of movement and a high quality of life.


Chris has ten years of planning experience with an emphasis on active living planning and health integration. Throughout his career, in both the public and private sections, he has focused on three principal areas: planning, assessment, and training. In the planning arena, Chris has led numerous bicycle, pedestrian, and Safe Route to School plans, and created a planning model called the Activity Connection Plan, which has been implemented in dozens of communities. He is an expert in assessment, with experience conducting over a dozen Health Impact Assessments. Chris has also conducted Complete Street Policy assessments and an approach called a Healthy Conditions Assessment that aims to focus community resources based on demonstrated health indicators. Chris’ training qualifications include co-creating the Looking Glass Academy, a two-day walk and bike audit training program; he has also provided several formal trainings on Health Impact Assessments. Currently, Chris is also the President of the National Physical Activity Society which aims to get Americans more engaged in regular bouts of physical activity as part of their daily lives.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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