Salt Lake City Transportation Division is completely redesigning the 200 West corridor from North Temple to 900 South, which is where the majority of businesses and activity are located. The City hopes to improve safety and access for people visiting downtown by adding protected bike lanes adjacent to the curb and bringing parking away from the curb to create part of the buffer, with planters and other streetscape features to complete the street.

The new design  includes Utah’s first protected intersection layout at 200 West and 300 South to create a safer destination for people visiting downtown.

One of the most significant elements of this project is the design of Utah’s first protected intersection at 200 West and 300 South, an innovative Dutch-inspired treatment that preserves the physical separation of the cycle lane throughout the intersection. The project construction wrapped up in October 2015, and the community is fully embracing this improved complete street. Watch more on the design and implementation of the first protected intersections in the US.

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