As parents and as leaders helping Americans grow their awareness of the benefits of walking and bicycling, Alta is proud to be at the forefront of the Safe Routes to School movement.

SRTS projects are usually categorized into “5 E’s”: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. Our engineers and planners offer comprehensive planning and design services for infrastructure projects, which are the first “E” and the foundation of many SRTS efforts.

Alta’s GIS-based mapping allows seamless integration of data from fieldwork, stakeholders, and database files into graphically-friendly improvement plans and suggested route maps. Our planner’s skillsets range from providing detailed parking plans to improve facilities at schools to performing walk audits that identify areas of deficiency and strength. We are leaders in the field, having written numerous grant applications that secure funding for crucial infrastructure improvements and have authored many of the standards and guidelines used in the industry today. We take pride in the fact that our staff includes certified National SRTS Instructors.