The Empire State Trail: A Conversation with Lindsay Zefting

By: Lindsay Zefting, Senior Engineering Associate, Alta Planning + Design Empire State Trail map. The Empire State Trail will be the longest multi-use trail in the US. In her own words, hear from Lindsay Zefting, the project manager and one of Alta’s senior engineers working on this groundbreaking project. Q: The Empire State Trail is one […]

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Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month

By: Britt Storck, Daniel Ashworth, and Mary Stewart Landscape Architecture has great breadth as a design profession, with significant impacts on communities and quality of life. Alta’s design group includes a collaborative team of landscape architects and landscape designers who understand that truly successful projects are a reflection of their communities. As landscape architects, we […]

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Celebrating a Life on Two Wheels

By: Brett Hondorp, President, Alta Planning + Design My father-in-law Leonard passed away a few weeks ago. As we were gathered with family and friends, the conversation turned to the ragtag collection of bikes in his garage, and someone remarked that his e‑bike had added years to his life. Leonard was in his 80s, and […]

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4 Trail Trends Explained

By: Britt Storck, Jason Reyes, Laura Hagerman, and Collin Chesston, Alta Planning + Design T rails and greenways are well known for providing active transportation and recreation benefits to communities. But there are other advantages associated to these outdoor spaces. From CPTED to trail economics, these four emerging trends in trails can help inform your […]

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3 Strategies to Take your Natural Surface Trail Plan to the Next Level

By: Dave Foster, Senior Design Associate, Alta Planning + Design Natural surface trails serve as valuable recreational amenities for millions of Americans. Hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, trail runners, nature-viewers, and dog-walkers routinely enjoy the physical and mental health benefits provided by natural surface trails. Convenient access to natural surface trails and open space is increasingly […]

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Celebrating National Engineers Week

By: Steve Frieson, Principal, and Joe Gilpin, Principal To celebrate National Engineers Week, we’re highlighting a different project each day, showing the innovative ways our engineers create active, healthy communities. See which projects have already been shared below, and check back each day for updates throughout the week! 1. Coachella Valley Link Alta Engineer Juan […]

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What We Learned from Working in the Most Diverse Square Mile in America

By: Kat Maines and Britt Storck, Alta Planning + Design About 11 miles east of Atlanta is a small city of about 13,000 people that is becoming known as “the most diverse square mile in America.” In the 1990s, refugee resettlement programs identified Clarkston, GA as a good fit for displaced individuals of many backgrounds. […]

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