An Active Transportation Planner’s Insights from Actively Transporting Through SE Asia

by: Ryan Johnson, Planning Associate, Alta Planning + Design Alta rewards employees at their five-year mark with a travel stipend to any international destination that provides experiences related to Alta’s business. This reflection recaps Ryan Johnson’s recent travels through SE Asia. At any other time and place, bicycling in a steady rain would be one […]

What I Learned From My Walking Commute in Hanoi

Left: Watching helplessly from the back of a motorbike as my friend takes on a typical rush hour intersection on one of Hanoi’s major roads. Right: In Hanoi’s maze of alleyways, motorbikes function better as family vehicles than, say, a minivan. Left: Watching helplessly from the back of a motorbike as my friend takes on a […]

The View from the Saddle — Bike Touring Through SE Asia

In Vietnam and Laos, there are numerous seasonal bamboo bridges that only exist during the dry season and often have small tolls to pay for their upkeep. This bridge was one of the longest that we saw and was located along the coast in central Vietnam. Blog 2 of 3 — Reflections on Bicycle Infrastructure by: Sam Corbett, […]

The View from the Saddle — Bike Touring Through SE Asia

This figure illustrates that Thailand has the highest traffic fatality rates in Southeast Asia and is also among the highest in the world. Blog 1 of 3 —Reflections on Bike Safety by: Sam Corbett, Principal, Alta Planning + Design Between March and June, 2018, my wife and I bicycled nearly 5,000 kilometers riding through 6 countries […]

Motorcycle Capacity on Streets in Motorcycle Dependent Cities

by: Fred Young, Principal, AltaGO I know what you are thinking: “wait a minute, I thought Alta focused on active mobility. Why am I reading a blog post about motorcycles?” Yes, Alta’s mission is to create active communities, but in order to make streets safe for walking and bicycling, it is essential to understand the […]

Active Mobility and Transit Centers in Singapore

by: Fred Young, Principal, AltaGO Before I visited Singapore, people told me that there is no way anyone rides a bicycle there. They used the rationale of the climate being too unpleasant. I went with an open mind and was astonished by what I found — yes, the climate does not suggest undertaking any unnecessary physical activity, […]