Why Few People Bike To and From Transit, and How We Can Change That

Separated bike lane. Rendering by Alta Planning + Design. Maybe you’d like to take the bus to work, but the walk to the bus stop is too long. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to get to the bus stop faster than walking, but without having to deal with the hassles of park-and-ride? […]

Building Complete and Connected Networks

All Ages and Abilities Crossing of a Major Arterial from Atlanta Regional Commission Bike to Ride. Creating a Low Stress Bicycle Network We like to think that all people could potentially become bicyclists. A bicycle network will attract a large portion of the population if it is designed to reduce stress associated with potential motor vehicle conflicts […]

Understanding the “Four Types of Cyclists”

Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University The balance between improved perception of safety and improved connectivity can be difficult to strike. Bikeways are often considered safer if they involve little, if any, interaction between people bicycling and […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

The Significance of Design Guidelines for Small Towns and Rural Communities Until recently, photographs showcasing best practice bicycle and pedestrian design throughout the US had something missing. Design guidelines generally featured transit lanes, five story buildings, and wide sidewalks; all contemporary and innovative facilities were considered to be “urban” in nature. Missing from the conversation […]

Fort Collins Opens Its First Official Low-Stress Bikeway

Photo credit: City of Fort Collins By Joe Gilpin and Tom Natwick, Alta Planning + Design How do cities better serve residents in providing bikeways that will appeal to a wider spectrum of their residents, be safer and induce more use? The vast majority of bicycle involved crashes occur at intersections along collector and arterial streets; […]