Not just Mobility: How E-bike Share Can Spark a Design Revolution

Credit: European Cyclists’ Federation by: Lisa Nisensen, New Mobility Technical Advisor, with Jean Crowther, AICP, New Mobility Group Lead, Alta Planning + Design Recently, the ride hailing company Uber gave the bike share world a jolt by acquiring the electric bike (e-bike) share company JUMP. Another shared mobility provider, LimeBike added both e-bike and electric […]

The Dockless Bike Share Revolution

LimeBike in Seattle, Washington. Credit: Alta Planning + Design Is Dockless Bike Share Right for Your Community? By New Mobility Group Shared-use mobility is part of a larger movement toward a “shared economy” and “collaborative consumption” (think Airbnb, Zipcar, Lyft, etc). Within that realm, the mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing segments based on revenue. […]