The Empire State Trail: A Conversation with Lindsay Zefting

By: Lindsay Zefting, Senior Engineering Associate, Alta Planning + Design Empire State Trail map. The Empire State Trail will be the longest multi-use trail in the US. In her own words, hear from Lindsay Zefting, the project manager and one of Alta’s senior engineers working on this groundbreaking project. Q: The Empire State Trail is one […]

The View from the Saddle — Bike Touring Through SE Asia

The children were incredibly curious and friendly throughout SE Asia, but particularly in Vietnam and Laos. These boys ran out to say hello when we stopped for a fruit break on the side of the road in Laos. Blog 3 of 3 — Reflections on the People and the Culture By: Sam Corbett, Principal, Alta Planning + Design […]

Walk Bike Forward with Tim Young

#WalkBikeForward: Join us on our journey honoring key moments and people that have shaped our field as we celebrate 20 years of creating active, healthy communities. Tim Young is Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways, a statewide advocacy organization for people who bike and walk. From 1992–2002, he led the planning, fundraising, and construction of pathways […]