Traffic Calming — A Radical Idea in 1995

The pedestrian mall in Bayreuth, Germany November 9, 1989, this was the day the Wall came down and the borders opened. It was packed with East Germans By Cynthia Hoyle, Planner, Alta Planning + Design When the American Planning Association agreed to publish the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) report on Traffic Calming in 1995 it was […]

Is Pokémon Go the Ultimate Urban Planning Tool?

“The City came into being to preserve life, it exists for the good life.” — Aristotle “Gotta Catch ’Em All” — Proverb By Michael Sampson and Marc Caswell, Alta Planning + Design Have you noticed that public plazas and sidewalks have been more busy lately — full of people wandering around looking at their phones (a little more than usual)? For […]

A New Vision for Transportation Professionals

By Bryan Jones, PE, AICP, Principal, Alta Planning + Design As a young engineer and planner, I was trained to think these were the top transportation issues: level of service (LOS) C or D, on-going maintenance of roads, funding for expansion of freeways and roads to relieve congestion, perfecting the travel demand model forecasts for […]

Move More Part 2: Becoming a Walkable Community

By Jean Crowther, Planning Associate, Alta Planning + Design Part 1 of this topic discussed the meaning of walkability and why it matters. However, even for communities where citizens and elected officials rally behind the value of walkability and are ready to make improvements, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is […]

Integrated Transport and Health Impact Modeling Tool

Individualized Marketing programs offer custom events like walking tours to encourage active transportation. By Derek Hofbauer, Dana Dickman, and Jessica Roberts, Alta Planning + Design “Oh, I just bike to work — that’s not exercise!” “I walk between meetings a lot, but that’s not the same as being active.” “This is a transportation project, not a public […]