Celebrating a Life on Two Wheels

By: Brett Hondorp, President, Alta Planning + Design My father-in-law Leonard passed away a few weeks ago. As we were gathered with family and friends, the conversation turned to the ragtag collection of bikes in his garage, and someone remarked that his e‑bike had added years to his life. Leonard was in his 80s, and […]

The View from the Saddle — Bike Touring Through SE Asia

In Vietnam and Laos, there are numerous seasonal bamboo bridges that only exist during the dry season and often have small tolls to pay for their upkeep. This bridge was one of the longest that we saw and was located along the coast in central Vietnam. Blog 2 of 3 — Reflections on Bicycle Infrastructure by: Sam Corbett, […]

The View from the Saddle — Bike Touring Through SE Asia

This figure illustrates that Thailand has the highest traffic fatality rates in Southeast Asia and is also among the highest in the world. Blog 1 of 3 —Reflections on Bike Safety by: Sam Corbett, Principal, Alta Planning + Design Between March and June, 2018, my wife and I bicycled nearly 5,000 kilometers riding through 6 countries […]

Advisory Bike Lanes in North America

Despite being used successfully for decades in Europe, Advisory Bike Lanes (also known as advisory shoulders), are an emerging facility type in North America and can be an effective tool for communities to provide bicycle lanes on streets that are otherwise too narrow to accommodate them. Alta’s Innovation Lab has produced a white paper that […]

Building Complete and Connected Networks

All Ages and Abilities Crossing of a Major Arterial from Atlanta Regional Commission Bike to Ride. Creating a Low Stress Bicycle Network We like to think that all people could potentially become bicyclists. A bicycle network will attract a large portion of the population if it is designed to reduce stress associated with potential motor vehicle conflicts […]

Level of Traffic Stress — What it Means for Building Better Bike Networks

Alta worked with Google to identify ways to decrease bicyclist stress and increase bicyclist comfort and connectivity to their Mountain View headquarters through a customized Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress Analysis. Measuring Bicycle Network Connectivity and Comfort Originally developed by researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute, Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) quickly assumed the mantle […]

Understanding the “Four Types of Cyclists”

Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University Graphic from Jennifer Dill, Ph.D., Portland State University The balance between improved perception of safety and improved connectivity can be difficult to strike. Bikeways are often considered safer if they involve little, if any, interaction between people bicycling and […]