Motorcycle Capacity on Streets in Motorcycle Dependent Cities

by: Fred Young, Principal, AltaGO I know what you are thinking: “wait a minute, I thought Alta focused on active mobility. Why am I reading a blog post about motorcycles?” Yes, Alta’s mission is to create active communities, but in order to make streets safe for walking and bicycling, it is essential to understand the […]

Active Mobility and Transit Centers in Singapore

by: Fred Young, Principal, AltaGO Before I visited Singapore, people told me that there is no way anyone rides a bicycle there. They used the rationale of the climate being too unpleasant. I went with an open mind and was astonished by what I found — yes, the climate does not suggest undertaking any unnecessary physical activity, […]

Sidewalks: The New Planning Frontier

Shared Space: The Future of Placemaking By Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Lead, Alta Planning + Design For the most part, we think of sidewalks as transportation infrastructure. But with the rise in urban living and transportation technology advances, sidewalks are performing more like a land use. Few planners specialize in comprehensive sidewalk design. But sidewalks […]