Changing the Landscape of School Siting Practices

(left) At one school, over 50% of students ride the bus, another 40% are driven by parents. (right) Only 4% walk, despite the fact that over 50% live within a mile of the school, most likely because many of the surrounding streets lack sidewalks. By Heather Seagle, Planner, Alta Planning + Design We are wrapping […]

Giving Back: Bike Fix-up Day

By Jimmy Shoemaker, Planner, Alta Planning + Design Earlier last fall, while Colin Harris and I were at Farnsworth Aerospace, a middle school on the east side of St. Paul, as part of the Minnesota Statewide Safe Routes to School planning assistance project, one of the teachers showed me a fleet of 29 bicycles in […]

Walk Bike Forward with Keith Benjamin

#WalkBikeForward: Join us on our journey honoring key moments and people that have shaped our field as we celebrate 20 years of creating active, healthy communities. Keith Benjamin is Community Partnerships Manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. He serves on the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board Citizens Advisory Committee. Growing Diversity…Real […]

Move More Part 2: Becoming a Walkable Community

By Jean Crowther, Planning Associate, Alta Planning + Design Part 1 of this topic discussed the meaning of walkability and why it matters. However, even for communities where citizens and elected officials rally behind the value of walkability and are ready to make improvements, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is […]