Safe Mobility is a Human Right

Graphic developed by Lisa Nisenson, Alta New Mobility Adviser. Eight Steps Communities Can Take to Become More Walk and Bike Friendly Access to reliable, affordable, and efficient transportation is fundamental to the success and happiness of a community, its businesses, residents, and visitors. Graphic developed by Lisa Nisenson, Alta New Mobility Adviser. Human Life, Health, and Safety are […]

A Path to Resilient Cities

Transportation and land use are inexorably linked. Changes in technology are already forcing changes to land use and infrastructure demand. Rethinking Streets by Lisa Nisenson and Kate Whitfield This post is adapted from our original article for the Ontario Professional Planners Institute’s Ontario Planning Journal — “Integrating Resilience Within Planning”: Technology is already changing mobility in our […]

Why Few People Bike To and From Transit, and How We Can Change That

Separated bike lane. Rendering by Alta Planning + Design. Maybe you’d like to take the bus to work, but the walk to the bus stop is too long. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to get to the bus stop faster than walking, but without having to deal with the hassles of park-and-ride? […]

The Dockless Bike Share Revolution

LimeBike in Seattle, Washington. Credit: Alta Planning + Design Is Dockless Bike Share Right for Your Community? By New Mobility Group Shared-use mobility is part of a larger movement toward a “shared economy” and “collaborative consumption” (think Airbnb, Zipcar, Lyft, etc). Within that realm, the mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing segments based on revenue. […]

Preparing for New Mobility

by Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Lead, Alta Planning + Design According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, almost half of U.S. states have enacted legislation allowing testing and pilot programs for autonomous vehicles. This year, 33 states have introduced legislation for new or expanded programs. At the local level, transportation and planning news feeds increasingly […]