Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month

By: Britt Storck, Daniel Ashworth, and Mary Stewart Landscape Architecture has great breadth as a design profession, with significant impacts on communities and quality of life. Alta’s design group includes a collaborative team of landscape architects and landscape designers who understand that truly successful projects are a reflection of their communities. As landscape architects, we […]

What We Learned from Working in the Most Diverse Square Mile in America

By: Kat Maines and Britt Storck, Alta Planning + Design About 11 miles east of Atlanta is a small city of about 13,000 people that is becoming known as “the most diverse square mile in America.” In the 1990s, refugee resettlement programs identified Clarkston, GA as a good fit for displaced individuals of many backgrounds. […]

Portland Has Something Else to be Thankful For

Central City in Motion is a Go By: Katie Mangle, Principal, Alta Planning + Design This Thanksgiving, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Here at Alta, we’re celebrating the Portland City Council’s unanimous vote to adopt Central City in Motion, which will make downtown streets safer, more efficient, and equitable for all Portland residents. The […]

How to Get in Front of the Future: Anticipatory Planning

Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Technical Advisor with Alta, contributed to the May 2018 Special Transportation Issue of Planning Magazine published by the American Planning Association. The article titled “Best-Case Scenario Planning” provides strategies for incorporating tomorrow’s transportation into today’s plans. By: Lisa Nisensen, New Mobility Technical Advisor, with Jean Crowther, AICP, New Mobility Group Lead, Alta […]

Not just Mobility: How E-bike Share Can Spark a Design Revolution

Credit: European Cyclists’ Federation by: Lisa Nisensen, New Mobility Technical Advisor, with Jean Crowther, AICP, New Mobility Group Lead, Alta Planning + Design Recently, the ride hailing company Uber gave the bike share world a jolt by acquiring the electric bike (e-bike) share company JUMP. Another shared mobility provider, LimeBike added both e-bike and electric […]

Six Wayfinding Principles that Make Communities Easier to Navigate

Wayfinding concept renderings for the City of Santa Clarita, CA. Alta developed a wayfinding program for the city’s extensive bicycle and pedestrian network, consisting of over 80 miles of trails, bike lanes, and paseos. Well-crafted wayfinding systems encourage people walking and bicycling to go that extra mile, explore new areas, and foster a sense of place. […]

A Path to Resilient Cities

Transportation and land use are inexorably linked. Changes in technology are already forcing changes to land use and infrastructure demand. Rethinking Streets by Lisa Nisenson and Kate Whitfield This post is adapted from our original article for the Ontario Professional Planners Institute’s Ontario Planning Journal — “Integrating Resilience Within Planning”: Technology is already changing mobility in our […]

Why Few People Bike To and From Transit, and How We Can Change That

Separated bike lane. Rendering by Alta Planning + Design. Maybe you’d like to take the bus to work, but the walk to the bus stop is too long. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to get to the bus stop faster than walking, but without having to deal with the hassles of park-and-ride? […]

The Dockless Bike Share Revolution

LimeBike in Seattle, Washington. Credit: Alta Planning + Design Is Dockless Bike Share Right for Your Community? By New Mobility Group Shared-use mobility is part of a larger movement toward a “shared economy” and “collaborative consumption” (think Airbnb, Zipcar, Lyft, etc). Within that realm, the mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing segments based on revenue. […]

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