Mar 15

2018 Oregon Active Transportation Summit

The Street Trust is hosting the 2018 Oregon Active Transportation Summit in Portland, OR, on March 15-16. The Summit will include mobile workshops, plenary sessions, professional training, and networking with innovators, thought leaders, and passionate professionals from the Pacific Northwest. Alta Planning + Design will be participating in workshops and sessions during the Summit on SRTS, best practices in active transportation planning and design, and integrating health and equity.

Alta Speakers:

  • Hannah Day-Kapell, Senior Planning Associate – “From Strategies to Sidewalks and Safety Education: Funding, Planning and Implementing SRTS Programs Across Oregon”
  • Marisa DeMull, EIT, Engineer – “How does Social Justice for People of Color inform transportation planning, programming, and design?”
  • Mike Sellinger, Senior Planner –  “Impacting Health and Racial Equity through Gresham’s Active Transportation Plan”