Mar 15

Find us at the 2019 Ontario Bike Summit!

The Ontario Bike Summit is the premier cycling conference in Ontario. The 11th Annual edition will be taking place on April 1 and 2, 2019 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Downtown Toronto. Join Alta Planning + Design Canada for workshops and discussions. We hope to see you there!

Session Information

BIKE MINDS joint event
Sunday, March 31 | 6:30pm

BIKE MINDS is a community event where positive and inspiring stories are shared relating to cycling. In just over a year, BIKE MINDS has organized eight events. Alta’s Matt Pinder will be presenting about how the event has been a tool to change people’s perceptions about cycling, and who it can be for. Themes include how cycling overlaps with identity, community, belonging, and lifestyle.

Presenter: Matt Pinder

Ready or Not: Using Public Health “Stages of Change” Strategies to Shift Behavior
Tuesday, April 2 | 11 – 12:00pm

If we build safe and attractive streets, people will bike, scoot, and walk more often, but only in limited numbers. Evidence-based interventions can accelerate mode shift and unlock greater ROI for physical infrastructure investments. Alta Planning + Design has developed an evidence-based behavior change model using public health behavior change theory, Stages of Change, and the behavior change approach of Motivational Interviewing (MI). Applying these evidence based strategies to Transportation Demand Management programs allows us to offer customized tools and messages based on an individual’s stage of readiness, and to incorporate MI tactics to support an individual in trying new, more active forms of transportation. These programs are more effective because they reach people who are thinking about and getting ready to give other modes a try.

Presenter: Cailin Henley

Words around Connectivity: A quick tour of the FHWA Measuring MultiModal Network Connectivity Guidebook
Tuesday, April 2 | 2 – 3:00pm

We know that we need bike networks with the following attributes: network completeness, network density, route directness, and accessibility to destinations. We often use broad terms around complete networks in goal setting and plan writing. However, in this quest for #BikesCanDoThat we are continuously looking for ways to better represent the situation around cycling networks (present and forward) in our GIS analytics and the way we talk about things at public meetings. Canada gets to take advantage of the work the FHWA did (and the GIS nerds behind it) to better equip ourselves with language around network connectivity.

Presenter: Kate Whitfield

Advocacy Strategy Working Group
Tuesday, April 2 | 2 – 3:30pm

Hear from advocates across Ontario about the advocacy strategies that have worked for them, and participate in a discussion about provincial cycling advocacy priorities moving forward.

Presenter: Matt Pinder