Apr 3

Leadership Transition at Alta Planning + Design

After 20 years of leading Alta Planning + Design and helping grow the company from a small specialized bicycle and pedestrian transportation planning firm to a full-service, international planning, design, and engineering company, Michael Jones is stepping out of the role of CEO to explore new initiatives within the firm.

“When I started Alta Planning + Design, I knew I wanted to work with my peers and also develop a company that would grow and thrive after I left. The fact that I did work I believed in was a bonus. I am extremely lucky to have George Hudson as our new CEO and Brett Hondorp as our President. They are consummate consultants, calm, thoughtful, and dedicated. I am excited to see where they take us in the future!”

Michael Jones started the company in 1996 and oversaw its growth to over 200 staff in 30 offices in the ensuing 20 years. Michael pioneered many aspects of the active transportation field, including the seminal ‘FHWA Rails-with-Trails: Lessons Learned’ report, the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project in Marin County, the National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation project, and the founding of Alta Bicycle Share. He will continue at Alta leading strategic business initiatives around the world.

George Hudson, a landscape architect renowned for signature trail design, steps into the role of CEO.

“I have been with Alta for 18 years and have seen us grow from a few individuals with a passion for active mobility to what is now North America’s leading firm in active transportation. I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve as CEO and build off of the legacy Michael Jones created. We have a strong management group with leaders across the country who are actively steering the company into the future. Our work is truly amazing because of our talented and diverse staff who are committed to Alta’s mission – to create active, healthy communities. We will continue to raise the bar and expand our practice nationally and globally.”

George will be supported by Brett Hondorp as President. Brett has led some of the firm’s highest-profile bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to School plans in his 17 years at Alta.

Alta Planning + Design, Inc. is an international consulting firm with a mission to create active communities. We plan, design, and implement infrastructure and programs that improve community and individual health, safety, mobility, and livability, such as bicycle, pedestrian, trail, park, greenway, and roadway planning, design, and implementation, as well as outreach and education.


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