Victoria Kovacs

I'm so inspired to see more and more people deciding to ride their bike for everyday transportation. There is a growing and diverse population riding bikes: young, old, students, professionals, women, men, seasoned riders and first timers. As cycling becomes more ubiquitous and integrated into our transportation system, cities and outdoor spaces become better places to live, work, and play.


Victoria enjoys designing infrastructure to improve conditions for walking and bicycling, and is an advocate for multi-modal transportation in the Seattle area. She brings a multidisciplinary approach to the design of the built environment from daily work with Alta planners and landscape architects, and her background in architecture and urban design. Victoria holds a Master of Architecture and Certificate of Urban Design from the University of Washington. She has worked on a variety of projects at Alta, including bicycle parking, intersection and corridor design, bike share station planning, bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding, and multi-use trail design. As a regular bike commuter, Victoria is adamant in making the world a better place to walk and bike, a better place to live.