I grew up in the auto-oriented suburbs of North Florida and learned in my adulthood to appreciate the value of getting around by biking and walking. This active lifestyle is both freeing and economically savvy, and as more people choose to walk and bike and learn about the benefits of doing so, it will change the way we perceive transportation in our society. Working at Alta enables me to be proud in the work I do to help communities create innovative transportation solutions and implement positive changes.


Brian’s background in policy development, international relations, and economic development spurred his interest in urban planning and active transportation. Brian graduated from Florida State University in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Planning that focused on Environmental Planning and Planning for Community Health. He then proceeded to work in the Office of Greenways and Trails for the State of Florida to help create a 3,000 mile long interconnected system of trails. Brian now uses the skills garnered over the past few years by working at Alta to make more vibrant and livable places.