Bryan Jones, PE, AICP

I love to explore communities and interact with people. Ever notice how some of our communities allow us to explore and interact better than others? I believe great places allow us to feel, think, say, and do. Whether that place is an entire city, business district, neighborhood, or a street or park we can all think of that great place that resonates with us. This is what is so inspiring to me about my profession is that I get the opportunity every day to work with people to help identify their unique community values and align those values with a vision and more importantly a strategic plan to truly experience their vision of creating great places. I love to help people and communities move in the direction of their potential and believe we can do that one project at a time. And no place is ever perfect; it takes people continually moving, connecting and investing to achieve its potential!


Bryan is passionate about helping move and connect people and business so that communities can thrive. He strives to foster innovation and develop leadership so that we can move in the direction of our potential. He believes where challenges exist so do opportunities when we bring a can-do approach and results-oriented focus. Bryan has held leadership positions within the Public Works Departments for the Cities of Carlsbad, Fremont, and Fresno where he has inspired bold visions and big campaigns and aligned them with a strategic implementation plans that delivered numerous pedestrian, bicyclist, and complete and livable street projects. He also serves as a voting member of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee appointed by the State of California DOT to represent bicyclists and pedestrians statewide as it pertains to standards, guidelines and policies in the California Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. He received his civil engineering degree from UC Davis and his MPA from Norwich University. 

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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