Catrine Machi, AICP, LCI

I find inspiration in streets and on trails. I can find it on a run, riding my bike or walking my dog. I am inspired because these places are where the speed of travel allows me to smell the freshly cut grass, where there is flexibility to linger over a beautiful sunset and where a workout invigorates. There is a human scale to this interaction, and possibilities arise to meet neighbors or have a shared experience among strangers.

Building the streets and paths that invite these experiences and interactions is my passion and I am fortunate my work aligns closely with this passion.


Catrine Machi is a Senior Planning Associate in Alta’s Dallas office. She draws from a wide background of experience working on master plans, corridor studies, Safe Route to School Projects as well as livable and complete street efforts. Catrine has worked as an active transportation planner throughout the country as a consultant and as a non-profit advocate. Catrine has Master’s degrees in Geography and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.