Charles Creagh, ENV SP

I joined the transportation planning field because of the tangible and positive impacts that our work has on communities. Creating safe places for people of all ages to play, exercise, or commute is important for individuals, the cities where they reside, and society as a whole. I enjoy my bike ride to work every day, knowing that when I arrive at the office, I will be working to make someone else's commute safer, easier, and more accessible.


Charles has experience teaching the principles of sustainability, conservation, and urban-ecological design practices. Charles is an avid bicyclist, and his passion for non-motorized transportation fueled graduate research focused on global climate change, the effects of sea level rise, and how the thoughtful growth of urban regions can be positively impacted by the inclusion of complete streets and trails. His technical competencies include photo rendering, plan view illustration, report writing and research, online survey creation and analysis, and GIS mapping and editing. Charles is passionate about promoting bike share and trail use and is committed to creating more walkable, bikeable, and healthy urban spaces.