Chris Saleeba, PLA, LEED AP

My favorite days of the week are the ones when I get to drop my daughter off at school by bicycle. We hop on our family bike and ride through the neighborhood about one mile to her school. Along the way we chat, say hello to neighbors, and each call out our favorite sights. These are precious minutes that we get to spend together before we part ways for the day. I’m lucky to live a neighborhood with bike-friendly infrastructure where I feel comfortable riding with my daughter. I believe that everyone should be able to walk and bike safely–whether for recreation or transportation–around where they live, work, and play. This is why I do what I do!


Chris is passionate about creating safe and healthy streets that promote physical activity. With an interdisciplinary background in public health, sustainability, and site engineering, he brings a unique perspective to the practice of landscape architecture. His areas of expertise include active transportation, green stormwater infrastructure, and Safe Routes to School. Throughout the design process, he is an advocate for creating places that positively impact the environment, human health, and social relationships. Chris was trained in conducting Health Impact Assessments at the Centers for Disease Control and is experienced in applying quantitative tools to assess the impact of the built environment on human health. Chris holds a Master of Public Health and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. He is the co-chair for the Ballard Neighborhood and a member of Puget Sound Regional Council’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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