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Cynthia Hoyle, FAICP

My passion is to create livable communities in which people have mobility choices and can walk, bike, use transit, or drive as part of everyday life. When I was growing up we moved to a small town in which I was able to ride my bike or walk to my grade school and I rode my bike for transportation in college. One day, after I had kids, I was driving through a city and saw a little boy riding his bike to school and it struck me like an arrow that my children did not have that freedom. I had to bike with them to school as the route was too dangerous for them to navigate on their own. Our children should have the choice to walk or bike to school and the freedom to ride their bikes to their friend's homes. Vibrant communities are healthy ones in which everyone has choices in lifestyle and transportation.

It is my dream that everyone have those choices.


Cynthia Hoyle has been a pioneer in advocating for streets as corridors for all modes of transportation. She is the author of “Traffic Calming” through the American Planning Association, published in 1995, and she served on ITE’s 1998 Outstanding Traffic Engineering Council Project for the publication “Design and Safety of Pedestrian Facilities.” She has over 30 years of planning experience working at the local, state, and national levels. Cynthia specializes in transportation, creating community mobility, Complete Streets, bicycle planning, Safe Routes to School planning, comprehensive planning, and visioning. Cynthia has a Master’s in Regional and City Planning and a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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