Deven Young, PLA

It started with a need to downsize after moving to a new city, almost 9 years later my love for a daily commute on two wheels and a set of pedals has only grown. I've seen the benefits of commuting via cycle everyday and am not shy about letting people know. Working as a landscape designer allows me to integrate creativity and interest into these cycle tracks I deeply value. The opportunity to work with a group of individuals who share my passion and are pushing for change in the field gets me out of bed and onto the path each morning, even in the middle of February.


Deven is an experienced project manager and landscape architect. He has helped lead some of Alta’s largest and most complex pathway improvement projects, like the LA River Path, Hong Kong Harbourfront and the Coachella Valley Link. Deven’s technical strengths are balanced with an ability to find common ground when facing complex infrastructure challenges. He has helped broker agreements with regional, state and national transportation agencies and prides himself on seeing projects implemented on schedule and within budget.