Emily Tracy headshot

Emily Shandy, LCI

As a child, biking and walking were things my parents made me do when they were too busy or didn't feel like chauffeuring me around town. I often bemoaned this, pleading for a ride, insisting that it was too hot or too far. "Your legs work just fine," they'd say, and off I'd slump.

Now, I cherish every trip I'm able to make by bike or on foot. I arrive at work feeling energized, instead of full of angst over the morning traffic. I chose a home close enough to walk to the grocery store, and love ambling around downtown with an ice cream on a warm summer evening. Walking and bicycling connect me to my community, allowing me to see and discover things I would miss in a car--not to mention the satisfaction I feel when I realize it's been eight weeks since I visited a gas station! I believe every community should support residents who choose to walk or bike, and am thrilled to work with Alta providing the tools and resources to realize this dream.


Emily’s passion for bicycle and pedestrian planning stems from a childhood walking and biking in her hometown of Davis, California, and a desire to enhance transportation choices for all people. While attending UC San Diego, although she lived less than two miles from the campus, Emily was frustrated by the lack of bicycle connectivity between the university and surrounding neighborhoods. She was inspired to pursue a degree in Urban Studies and Planning and choose a career in bicycle and pedestrian planning with the hope of creating happier, healthier, and better-connected communities.

Emily has worked in a wide variety of communities across California and the US, with a focus on educating residents about active transportation and Complete Streets so they can be effective champions, and improving walking and bicycling access to schools through both programmatic and infrastructure recommendations. Additionally, Emily is a resource for social media engagement, including the use of email marketing tools to bolster community participation in planning processes.