Fred Young, PLA

I had been talking about it for years; I had a rare window of time; and Ellen said, "go". So, I went. For 5 weeks, I rode my bike through the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Using online resources and local knowledge picked up along the way, I planned and organized the trip with the goal of experiencing some of the best bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation facilities in the world. I rode my bike from urban centers to rural villages, transitioned from bike to public transportation, and navigated by using local wayfinding systems and maps. Along the way, I met with transportation planners and policy makers. I returned home with 5,000 photos and insight about transportation infrastructure planning from a European perspective. I am happy to be working for a company that values this type of experience and strives to plan and design great active transportation facilities.


Fred Young is a Landscape Architect with over 15 years of experience working on public projects that enhance the livability of communities. He worked with an artist for 10 years on projects that creatively maximized the benefit for the public, and created places that are both aesthetic amenities and integral to the functional built environment. His projects include multi-use trails, corridor master plans, LRT studies, public art master plans, and parks. Recently, he presented to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways a summary of bicycle infrastructure he experienced on a study trip to the Netherlands.