Grace Stainback

I have zero reservations stating that I actually get excited to go to "work," and for that I am deeply grateful. I am constantly inspired by my colleagues and the work we do to rediscover and re-imagine the outdoors in everyday urban life.


Grace Stainback brings experience in GIS analysis, community outreach, and land use planning in both the public and private sectors to Alta. Grace received a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and from Portland State University and is interested in how mapping and other spatial tools enhance multimodal planning and design. Additionally, Grace has a background in journalism and a long-standing passion for working in international and intercultural contexts. Prior to Portland, she lived and worked in the Miami area, Spain, Ecuador, and Vietnam. Grace is committed to building healthier, happier communities through creativity, collaboration, and ceaseless enthusiasm for Alta’s mission.