Jeff Knowles

Jeff Knowles, AICP

My mission is to help people connect with the places they love and build healthier, more vibrant communities through active modes of transportation. I value a creative planning process that results in realistic solutions prioritized for immediate implementation and have a genuine passion for culturally-sensitive community engagement that empowers communities to articulate their needs and shape their future.


Jeff brings eight years of experience working with multi-disciplinary teams of planners, landscape architects, and engineers, having assisted over 100 local governments and regional agencies in the planning, fundraising, design, and construction of bikeways, trails, parks and open spaces. Jeff works with communities across the country to develop pedestrian and bicycle master plans, trail and separated bikeway feasibility studies, traffic calming designs, Safe Routes to School plans, tactical urbanism demonstrations, competitive grant proposals, and much more.  He has raised over $30 million in competitive grant funding for non-motorized infrastructure projects in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.