Josh Clark

"Mom, can I go to the jumps!?" Every morning of 5th grade summer, this request rang out through the house. We'd ride all manner of bikes a half-mile away, to a city-owned lot sitting vacant and fallow. My friends and I dug berms, rollers, step-ups, and double-jumps - activating an unused space for hours each day. The next summer it was skateboards locked onto our handlebars, and we rode miles to various "spots" around town. If it was close enough we'd kick and push our way there on skateboards, too far and we'd take the 844/845 transit bus. When the jumps were bulldozed, and the skate spots meticulously protected from kickflips and grinds, I began to advocate for places where these modes, and their users, are appreciated. I learned then that the journey IS the experience, and so I'm committed now to help create places for everyone, where active journeys can be daily experiences.


Josh first came to work at Alta in 2012, as a GIS Intern. Since then he’s completed two degree programs (MCP, GIS) and worked with the California Department of Transportation, the City of Del Mar, and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). At each of these agencies, he’s worked on numerous active transportation-related projects in various stages of planning and implementation. Assisting in technical roles, but also on plan review and outreach, he’s collaborated with colleagues, stakeholders, and community members to improve transportation options.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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