Laura Hagerman

Cycling and running have always been a part of my life from commuting to racing. Everyday, I get to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of walking and cycling and I am passionate about helping other people explore their own opportunities for active transportation.


Laura has a degree in Urban Planning as well as a diploma in GIS from the University of Waterloo. She is a cycling and transit enthusiast with a passion for rollerblading. She spent three years with the City of Ottawa in the Transit Planning Department, as well as internships at different transit agencies across the province. Through her training and work with AODA she has become an advocate for accessible cycling, walking environments and transit infrastructure. She has developed a lens for creating an environment where people of all ages and abilities can utilize public infrastructure without barriers. Her GIS skills range from programming for network analysis to comprehensive data extraction and manipulation for map creation. Her experience in community engagement in volunteer and work settings has made her an asset in outreach and public consultation.