Maggie Brown

Active transportation has always been a passion of mine, before I really even understood what it was. As a teenager, I frequently walked, biked, and took the bus to get around, despite the fact that those were decidedly uncool modes of transportation at that age. When I discovered the field of urban planning, I saw it as a way to channel my passion for walkable/bikeable cities into a career.


Maggie supports numerous planning and design projects in the Mountain West region. She is skilled in GIS and graphic design, as well as research and professional writing. She completed her Master of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado Denver in May 2018, where she focused her coursework on active transportation planning and geo-spatial analysis.

At Alta, she is responsible for data collection, research, site analyses, and the production of high-quality maps, graphics and technical narratives. Maggie is passionate about active living and is committed to helping make communities more walkable, bikeable, and liveable.