Mary Duffy

I grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of North Carolina. My mom is from the coast, and my dad was raised in the mountains, so my childhood was filled with trips all over the state to see family and friends. We hiked the mountains, ran on the beach, and explored the piedmont forests. My family was also big on educational trips to zoos, museums, and aquariums, so I had ample opportunities to learn about the world and the animals I love so much.

When I need inspiration, I look out the window. There’s always something out there to remind me that the world is bigger than me- bigger than my problems or the challenges I face today. If I can do a little good in the world, create something beautiful, or start down a path to better days, then it's a good day.


Mary graduated from NC State University in 2004 with a BS in Business Management. She has worked in a wide variety of positions and work environments. From sales to accounting to administration, each role has brought its own lessons, challenges, and rewards. She uses all of her past experiences every day in her role here at Alta.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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