Molly McNally

For me - there is no greater joy than being able to walk out my front door, hop on my bike, and see where the day takes me. I enjoy changing little things about my commute each day, whether it’s simply walking down a different street or alternating taking a bus, train, or ferry. Multi-modal transit allows me to move at a rate in which I can take in and enjoy the city, environment, and people around me. As a designer, I am passionate about creating networks that do more than just transport people from A to B, but have interesting, fun, and memorable moments along the way.


Molly graduated from Northeastern University as part of the first class of Urban Landscape Architecture in 2016. After working on a research project for resiliency in the Bay Area followed by a summer studying biking infrastructure in the Netherlands, her interests combine her love for sustainable, research-based design with active transportation. Her experience includes a combination of working in both the private and public sector, focusing on mixed-use developments, residential neighborhoods, urban design, streetscapes, parks, and waterfronts. At Alta, Molly hopes to influence transportation networks that are ecologically and culturally sensitive to the communities they impact.