Phil Goff, LEED AP

While urban design and city planning form the foundation of my professional experience, it is only part of my story. Bicycle advocacy goes way back for me. In 1981, I started a petition drive at my middle school to push the City of Keene, NH to build a BMX track (sadly, still not implemented!). Later, after architecture school and a 5-year stint in NYC, I moved to Portland, OR to attend graduate school. In Portland, I enveloped myself in the world of transportation planning and advocacy and was active with City's Bike Advisory Committee for 7 years. Though working as an urban designer for the Bureau of Planning, I gradually picked up bicycle planning and design skills through my volunteer efforts.

After moving to Greater Boston in 2004, I became active in the active transportation and Complete Streets advocacy scene. I was part of the core group that founded the LivableStreets Alliance and soon after, East Arlington Livable Streets Coalition. Since 2009, I've managed Alta's Cambridge office and have overseen planning and design projects throughout the Northeast. That includes a wide range of projects from greenway corridor studies to complete streets plans, from streetscape design projects to bike share system master plans. I have managed high profile efforts such as the pedestrian/bicycle master plans for Pittsburgh and Buffalo, statewide bike plans for Vermont and Rhode Island and developing all site plans and permits for bike share systems in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

As Alta's national bike share service area's co-lead, I've had the privilege of managing studies and plans for Albany, NY, Providence, RI, Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, Columbia, SC, Tulsa, OK and Redmond, WA. Its inspiring to be part of the success of the bike share industry and exciting to see bike share as a critical component to making cities and regions more bike friendly and sustainable.


Phil brings 20 years of urban design, and pedestrian and bicycle facility planning experience to the team. As manager of Alta’s Cambridge office, he merges his passion for multimodal streetscape design with his keen ability to effectively manage a diverse set of complex projects. This includes managing pedestrian and bicycle master planning projects in communities large and small towns and cities in which Phil has developed master plans include the Charles River Basin in Greater Boston, Scarborough, ME, Albany, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, NY, and various greenway corridors in Connecticut. Phil uses his architecture and urban design background to design and manage master planning projects for private development parcels, transit-oriented development sites and neighborhoods. His sincere passion for making cities and towns more lively, walkable, bike-friendly, and sustainable places represents a common theme in his work.