Ryan Taylor-Gratzer

While growing up in the quiet beach community of Montecito, CA, I took for granted that my bicycle was a simple means of transportation. Later on, a stint in Portland, OR, taught me about all the innovative infrastructure that makes bicycling inclusive. Bicycling in Los Angeles is, remarkably, less stressful than driving. But there is a high barrier to entry. I hope to help lower that barrier.


Ryan joined Alta in 2017, though he has long been familiar with and grateful for Alta’s outstanding work. As the program administrator at Portland State University’s Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation (IBPI) from 2007-2011, he worked closely with Alta staff on numerous professional development courses and research projects. Since then, he has worked as a planner and a researcher for the City of Long Beach and UCLA, respectively. At UCLA, Ryan modeled bicyclist crash risk, and evaluated the safety impacts of newly-installed bikeways in the City of Los Angeles. He specializes in research, design, GIS, and safety analysis.