Sam Piper

Growing up, my family always had way more bikes than cars – even though my father made his living selling cars. I grew up in Western Massachusetts, and was really fortunate to live in a community where I could bike and walk across town to get where I needed to go. Then I turned 16, the bike tires deflated and I started to drive. Its not that I was going new places, but that I was choosing to take a car to get there. I headed to college in Southern New Hampshire where I studied business, and while at Saint Anselm’s, became very interested in how I could use my business acumen in a profession that strove to make positive change. I went on to receive a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University at Albany, NY, and while I was interning at the regional MPO, I had the good fortune to work under an engineer that took the time to explain to me the shortcomings of traditional transportation planning, and how to employ new models and methods to plan for all modes.

I began to bike again for transportation and realized how great it is to use active transportation on a daily basis – for my fitness, wallet and mind. In my final year of school, I interned with Alta in our Saratoga Springs, NY office, and realized that I was passionate about contributing to Alta's mission to make biking and walking more safe and accessible for everyone. As a Planner/Designer in the Boston office, I’m working hard to implement creative solutions to integrate all modes, and to change the way communities approach transportation planning and design.


Sam brings multi-modal transportation planning and design experience to projects. His technical skills include traffic and intersection analysis; Geographic Information Systems mapping, data visualization, and data management; GPS mapping; and AutoCAD rendering. Sam also has extensive design capabilities, including photo simulation production, plan view illustrations, and streetscape and facility design. On multiple projects, Sam has been responsible for developing project websites, creating online surveys, and managing social media channels. Sam is passionate about his work, and committed to making more walkable, bikable and desirable communities to live and work.

Sam holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University at Albany, NY, and a BA in Business Administration from Saint Anselm College.

Alta creates active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities.

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