Sierra Saunders

My introduction to multimodal transportation was my high school commute which involved carpooling, a ferry boat, a metro bus, and walking. Walking, biking, and transit gave me the freedom to explore my community, connect with friends, and access opportunities. They still do. At Alta, I am proud to work with communities of all sizes to create more vibrant, mobile, and accessible places.


Sierra’s career in active transportation evolved naturally from her interest in space design and background in urban planning and sustainable development. Sierra graduated from Western Washington University in 2013 with a degree in Urban Planning and proceeded to move to Minneapolis where she has worked in both public and private sectors. Sierra has collaborated with communities of all sizes to develop active transportation and Safe Routes to School plans, design multimodal corridors, conduct engaging public outreach, write and manage grants, and produce highly visual graphics. She has managed and been a key staff member on plans and projects with Hennepin County, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and municipalities across Minnesota. At Alta, Sierra uses her skills and experience to expand people’s transportation options and create more vibrant and livable places.