Yosef Howley, PE

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and nature, from camping with my family as a youngster to biking and backpacking and rafting as an adult. Now I am able to share those experiences with my own children. As an engineer, I am happy to be able to help others access nature, improve their quality of life and have similar adventures that I have had the privilege to experience.


Yosef Howley has served as design engineer and project manager on a variety of civil engineering projects in the Midwest. His 20 years of experience has spanned transportation, site development and water resource projects, focusing in the areas of roadway design, hydraulics and hydrology, water quality design, ADA design, and erosion control. His project work has included all phases of project development, from conceptual studies, preliminary and final design, through construction phases. Yosef graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

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