Alta worked with Southern Oregon University to reduce single-passenger car travel through the TDM campaign Drive Less Connect: Southern Oregon University. Alta designed and implemented the campus-wide program to encourage walking, biking, transit-use, and ride sharing for students.

As one of a series of individualized marketing programs funded by the Oregon Department of Transportation in 2014 and 2015, Drive Less Connect: Southern Oregon University was a collaborative effort between Alta and local partners. Alta worked closely with student ambassadors to distribute customized Go Kits, full of transportation resources and tools, and plan and host 29 campus events designed to encourage students to explore new ways to travel.   The program, which won the 2015 Program of the Year Award from the Transportation Options Group of Oregon, reached 6,186 students, achieved 11% participation (686 students), and helped reduce the student drive-alone mode share 3.9 percentage points. According to a participant survey conducted by Alta, 60% of respondents reported they are driving alone less often than before the program. Of those, 46% attribute their reduction in driving to having access to better information about their transportation options.