In collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation and local partners, Alta led individualized marketing programs in five Oregon communities in two years.

Overall these programs have reached over 23,000 individuals and have reduced drive-alone trips across the state.

Drive Less Save More: Astoria, Astoria, OR

In collaboration with local partners, Alta designed, executed, and evaluated a 4,500 household city-wide individualized marketing program to encourage residents of Astoria to use transportation options. The program, which helped reduce drive-alone mode share 8.4 percentage points, exceeded the program goal of a 10% participation rate by 3.4%. Over the course of the program, 612 residents ordered custom Go Kits full of transportation resources and tools.

Drive Less Save More: Connecting Salem, OR

Alta worked closely with local partners to develop, implement, and measure a successful 4,378 household individualized marketing program in the Northeast Neighbors and Grant neighborhoods of Salem. Through program surveys, Alta measured an impressive 7.2 percentage point reduction in drive-alone mode share. The program also achieved a 13.3% participation rate with 583 residents ordering custom Go Kits containing transportation information and tools.

Drive Less Save More: Milwaukie, Milwaukie, OR

In partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro, and the City of Milwaukie, Drive Less Save More: Milwaukie aimed to reduce drive-alone trips within the 4,500 household target area. Through customized ordering, participants could choose the information they wanted to encourage transit use, carpooling, biking, and walking. Within the first four months of the program participation reached 20%, far exceeding typical participation rates of 8-12%.

Drive Less Save More: Cedar Hills, Portland, OR

During this campaign, Alta helped residents in the Cedar Hills neighborhood of Washington County make more of their trips by foot, bike, transit and sharing rides. The project focused on women and families and complemented a regional Metro support campaign called Choose What Moves You.  The campaign reached 5,700 households with individualized marketing program in Washington County, Oregon. Participants received customized Go Kits consisting of transportation resources and travel tools and were invited to join guided walks and bike rides that highlighted Cedar Hills parks and amenities. Staff and community partners organized and led popular events such as a children’s bicycle skills course, guided “bird walks” along a scenic wetland park in the neighborhood, farmer’s market bike rides, bike fit n’ checks, and tabling opportunities at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center. Evaluation efforts indicated a reduction in the mode share of drive-alone trips in the target area by 1.2% and an increase in transit trips by 2%.

Drive Less Save More: SouthTown, Corvallis, OR

As part of an Oregon Department of Transportation project, Alta managed an individualized marketing program in the small city of Corvallis, Oregon. The focus of the campaign was the underserved but community-oriented neighborhood of SouthTown, where participation exceeded expectations with 13%of the 3,000 residents signing up for the program. All program materials and events were offered in both English and Spanish, and popular events included a family-friendly ice cream walk, bike repair workshops, and an after-dark bike light giveaway. Spanish-speaking residents expressed gratitude that the program was fully bilingual, particularly the community walking and biking events.