Alta worked with Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District to complete a challenging gap in the Fanno Creek regional trail system.

Stemming from work Alta completed for the District with the 2002 Fanno Greek Greenway Trail Action Plan, Alta led a multi-disciplinary team through the design, permitting, and construction phases for a half-mile segment of trail. The multi-use pathway meanders through a heavily forested area with numerous wetlands, drainages, and mature trees.  Impacts to natural resources was minimized via selective trail alignments and boardwalk structures.  Working closely with state and local regulatory agencies, habitat enhancement and mitigation was included to off-set impacts that did occur. Design elements included slope and bank stabilization and restoration, swale design, expanded flood storage capacity, and analysis of natural flows. Now complete, the paved trail accommodates cyclists and pedestrians of all abilities along Fanno Creek.