The continued development of the City’s network of bicycle facilities will not only make bicycling a more viable mode of transportation but will contribute to an enhanced quality of life in the City that includes increased public health, community development, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Alta worked with the City of Long Beach to update the City’s Bicycle Master Plan. The Bike Plan will serve as the guiding document that contributes to the transformation of Long Beach into one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the United States. Extensive community input was collected throughout the Bicycle Master Plan process, with public feedback especially solicited to inform policy and infrastructure recommendations. The project team took a thorough approach to reach parts of the city and population groups that are often absent from the planning process. Outreach activities took place in all council districts across the city. Additionally, a survey was administered online and in-person in four different languages (English, Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog).

The Bicycle Master Plan is consistent with and further defines the bicycle policies and facilities identified in the Mobility Element of the Long Beach General Plan. As such, the Bike Plan was adopted as an appendix to the Mobility Element.