The primary goal of the planning assistance projects is to create actionable, prioritized SRTS plans that guide Minnesota communities in implementing infrastructure and programs to help more children walk and bicycle to school safely.

Alta Planning + Design led a team of planners in developing SRTS plans for over 80 schools in the state; facilitated SRTS trainings for staff members; piloted high school SRTS programs; and developed resources that can be used by communities throughout the state. The Alta team is assisting communities around the state with plans that address both engineering and program improvements. The SRTS plans include a robust assessment of existing infrastructure and non-infrastructure barriers and opportunities for each participating school site. Planning is completed in close coordination with school based-teams to support a clear path to implementation. For each school, Alta developed detailed action plans for specific short- and long-term infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects that support the overall vision of enabling more students to access their schools and communities on foot or bicycle.

Alta developed training workshops for local teams to build local knowledge that will prepare communities to host and run effective SRTS encouragement and education programs. The team has led trainings on pedestrian and bicycle planning best practices and SRTS infrastructure and programming recommendations for Regional Development Commission (RDC) staff and partners. Our strong public participation practices and public outreach strategies and tools will directly engage parents, students, and neighborhood residents.