Encouraging residents of multifamily properties to use transportation options comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

King County Metro hired Alta to develop a pilot project to modify their existing In Motion program (a community-based Transportation Demand Management program) for this special audience.

Based on best practices research and in-depth stakeholder work, Alta designed and implemented a 12-week campaign focused on residents of multifamily properties. The pilot campaign worked with property managers at six unique buildings in the Seattle neighborhoods of Bitter Lake and South Lake Union to encourage residents to explore their transportation options and in turn, earn rewards.

As a final product of this effort, Alta developed a playbook with recommendations for implementing similar multifamily campaigns in the future. The Playbook spells out a step-by-step process for working with multifamily properties. This process includes ways to reach multifamily residents as part of a broad campaign in a larger neighborhood or corridor,  in a smaller neighborhood with a large majority of multifamily properties, or in specific multifamily properties within a target area. The Playbook can be used to help project managers and public officials make decisions around project goals and provides steps to form relationships with property managers and developers. Using lessons learned, anecdotes and experiences, and optional ideas from the pilot program, the Playbook offers effective outreach strategies for encouraging multifamily residents to use active and shared ways of getting around.