The North Carolina Capital Area MPO commissioned a study to identify a sustainable transportation strategy for the region in response to rapid growth and increasing congestion in southwest Wake County and northern Harnett County.

Alta completed two key elements of this strategy. First, a greenprint was developed to identify environmentally sensitive lands throughout the study area. The greenprint incorporated natural resource, recreation, and working land elements to prioritize land conservation efforts. A GIS overlay analysis and examination of the current literature on the effectiveness of different conservation programs were used in the development of the greenprint. Ultimately, the greenprint was used as a baseline input as the strategy’s development scenarios were generated.

Second, Alta developed bicycle and pedestrian recommendations responding to the preferred development scenario identified by the project’s committee. Recommendations were made for both on-road facilities like bicycle lanes, paved shoulders, and sidewalks, and off-road multi-use trails. Analysis of crashes throughout the area as well as connections to key destinations like schools and transit stops were considered. The recommendations formed a comprehensive long-term bicycle and pedestrian network throughout the region.