Bike share programs exist in over 800 cities, 50 countries and on 5 continents. It has been proven to enhance the livability of cities around the world, a firmly established part of the shared mobility ecosystem. Alta Planning + Design is skilled in all facets of bike share program development, including feasibility assessment, demand modeling, business plan development, equity, and station location design, planning, and permitting.

Alta’s Bike Share Services include:
Bike Share Feasibility Studies

It’s not a question whether bike share will work in your city, but what is the most appropriate scale and technology to fit the needs of your community. Alta's bike share feasibility studies assist communities with evaluating the correct scale, cost, and technology to be successful where you live, work, and play.

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Bike Share Business Plans

Alta’s business plans identify the range of business models that describe the ownership and operational structures of existing bike share programs in North America.

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Bike Share Site Planning and Permitting

Alta’s team of designers, engineers, and urban planners work with cities to create system plans, including siting, design, and permits for the individual stations within bike share systems.

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