Alta’s New Mobility group works at the intersection of technology, mobility, and placemaking to help communities provide for current and future mobility needs. 

Our people-first-focus helps agencies realize the benefits of new mobility to support community visions and goals. Alta combines project management expertise with our record for transportation mobility innovation, providing a unique set of skills to develop public and private partnerships and engage stakeholders to build consensus around New Mobility goals. We lead technical teams to plan, design, and engineer projects incorporating new technology, management, and evaluation strategies.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety with Autonomous Vehicles

Our monitoring of autonomous vehicle testing on public roads allows us to emphasize best design practices to develop streets that are safe for the most vulnerable users (bicyclists, pedestrians, and other micro-mobility users) based on projected impacts of autonomous vehicles.

Mobility Hubs

Alta provides design services to implement mobility hubs by linking land use, transportation, economic development, and smart city technology. Our services include analysis, plan alignment, regulatory and operations support, and mobility hub design, resulting in convenient mode transfers and creative transportation demand management.

Shared Use Mobility, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Evaluation Frameworks

Alta is helping address questions around micromobility’s (dockless bike share, e-bikes, and scooters) demand on the public right-of-way, safety, speed, environmental impact, and public and private partnerships. We are developing evaluation frameworks, policies and permitting structures, and facility design to measure the value of new modes against community goals. Additionally, we are leveraging our extensive bike share experience to plan and design other aspects of shared-use mobility, including MASS feasibility studies and propensity analysis, facility siting, negotiating competing uses, and curbside and sidewalk demand management.

Complete Streets and Corridors 2.0

We are evolving Complete Street policies and design to manage key changes such as curb-side use, parking needs and organization, and integration of new modes of travel and delivery.

First/Last Mile Access to Transit

Alta specializes in active transportation to increase transit ridership and access destinations. Alta’s corridor studies and station-area plans feature programs, networks, and nodes (mobility hubs) that feed transit and crosstown connections.

Advanced Trail Planning and Design

Alta is designing the next generation of trails to incorporate e-bikes, micromobility, neighborhood electric vehicles, and autonomous shuttles, while maintaining the safety and experiences for active transportation and recreation.

Workshop Facilitation

Alta works with stakeholders to develop proactive goal and actionable next steps, helping communities understand the impacts and opportunities associated with new mobility options and smart city technology.

Travel Behavior and Data Science

Alta is an expert at developing cutting edge analytic tools. We are researching and incorporating travel behavior trends and new data sources into our analysis tools to identify mobility gaps and solutions, and measure impacts including VMT, health, safety, equity, and economics. We make complex information understandable through maps, infographics, and dynamic visualizations.

Change Management, Workflow, Policy and Permitting

Alta is working with jurisdictions to structure workflows and build consensus on how to integrate new mobility strategies into routine management practices. We are using our experience with policy changes focused on incorporating a wider range of travel modes, balancing parking, and right-sizing streets to help governing agencies make more informed decisions about mobility options.

 Transportation Demand Management

Alta designs, implements, and evaluates behavior change campaigns that accelerate uptake of new mobility options with a focus on reducing drive alone trips.


Led by Jean Crowther,  the New Mobility Group brings together experts in transportation, technology, marketing and promotion, urban design, city planning, economic analysis, car/bike share systems, transit, public input, roadway design, and bicycle and pedestrian planning and design.