Alta’s experience planning and designing trails and greenways has allowed us to work in hundreds of communities on a broad spectrum of projects. Trails are the connective tissue for local communities, regions and states, providing health and economic benefits, transportation routes, and a new way to experience and enjoy local culture. Our trail projects carefully address the context to create a corridor that provides an enjoyable, functional, and safe experience for users, and that coexists comfortably with its surroundings. Our services include trail master planning, feasibility studies, benefits analysis, full PS&Es, as well as developing environmental documentation, property acquisition strategies, cost estimates, wayfinding and trail identity, trailhead and landscape design, maintenance and management plans, and funding strategies.

Alta staff create experiences that:

  • Integrate safe and efficient transportation
  • Create a sense of ‘place” and provide scenic respite
  • Are environmentally compatible
  • Address mobility for people of all ages and abilities
  • Help build communities that are connected, sustainable, and give residents the highest quality of life

Alta has a depth of experience in the planning and design of a variety of trail types and contexts, including urban and rural trail systems and equestrian, hiking and mountain biking trails.

Alta’s Trails and Greenways Services include:
Trail Master Planning

Alta provides complete services, including planning, design, alternatives analysis, environmental documentation, property acquisition strategies, maintenance and management plans, and funding strategies.

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Trail Feasibility Studies

Alta trail experts address both technical and community challenges, minimizing impacts in sensitive environmental and constrained areas and developing systems that serve diverse trail user groups.

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Trail Conceptual Design

Our experience spans a wide range of environments from urban to rural including sensitive natural resource areas, parks, rail and utility corridors, street rights-of-way, and suburban and industrial settings.

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Trail Engineering and Construction Administration

Alta offers not only planning and design but also construction documents and construction administration. Our registered engineers and landscape architects bring experience negotiating easements, securing required permits, and working with contractors.

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